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M. M. Cabicar

He's published 17 printed books. 15 e-books.

The most pirated writer. His stories are borrowed by the media, entertainment servers, magazines, and humor databases where they then rise to the height of popularity, often without anyone knowing that they originate from one single author. The legal department even had to stipulate a service announcement: "If you think this is too funny, check with us whether it might be from Cabicar."

In his tiny country, he sold over 20,000 copies of his books with zero advertising.

He lives in the European Union, in Prague, near Old Town Square.

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  • I'm getting high on Kindergarten child. I have one of these too - second one, actually. It makes me even more amused, because some stories seem way too familiar to me.

    "War reporters are not the only ones who risk their lives. For example, I put my life at risk today and daily by bringing stories, to which my wife's responses always start with "If you" which is the beginning of: "If you value your life, you won't write a single word about it." However, how hard is it not to mention something that makes you laugh so much every day..."

    stars - Magyana
  • Oh my god, before I read this book, I hadn't laughed that loud for quite a time. I extended my life at least by two hours! And reminiscing about the fads of our children when they were young ... The book contains the pure truth!

    stars - Marla
  • Viki and her stories are just great. If you want to boost your mood, or just read something humourous, this book is the perfect choice :) Want to lighten up your mood? Or just have a really good laugh? Get this book, it's really worth it. :)

    stars - Marselle
  • Absolutely wonderful reading. I enjoyed it throughout the whole book. There's a lot of humour and it almost reads itself.

    stars - Iwicek
  • The first book I've read by this author and I can honestly say it's hilarious. He's been nicknamed the Czech Fulghum by right.The reading is funny and light. I recommend it!

    stars - Luciiik
  • Beautiful relaxing reading that makes one laugh from the bottom of their heart :)

    stars - Hoshi
  • A perfect book, I laughed delightfully. The author did a really good job... awesome

    stars - popeluska
  • Great relaxing reading. The reader will laugh from the heart. I laughed my head off especially when reading Swarovski. :D

    stars - Ladydwarf
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E-mail: info@mmcabicar.cz
M. M. Cabicar
Grada Publishing, a.s.
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170 00 Praha 7 Holešovice

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